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Taringa.net Traffic Estimate

Estimated Monthly Traffic (visits) for Taringa.net - By Month

Taringa.net has received an estimated 31,337,000 visits over the last 30 days. The number of visits differs from visitors (or unique visitors). Visits includes multiple visits from the same individual (repeat visits).

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Keywords Targeted by taringa.net

  • real
    10158 competing websites
  • rock
    2828 competing websites
  • video
    2826 competing websites
  • river
    1896 competing websites
  • humor
    1814 competing websites
  • trailer
    1577 competing websites
  • foto
    798 competing websites
  • futbol
    583 competing websites
  • mundo
    543 competing websites

This list represents the keywords that Taringa.net is targeting. These keywords come from the meta keywords list provided by Taringa.net as well as the content on the website itself. The keywords are sorted by the number of websites targeting that keyword (shown next to each keyword). This number only represents the sites that are tracked by TrafficEstimate, which is a good indication of the overall competition for any given keyword in the search engines.

Websites Competing for Similar Keywords

Website Shared Keywords
abc.es futbol, madrid, mundo, musica
corriere.it foto, video, musica
lanacion.com.ar argentina, futbol, humor
clarin.com argentina, mundo, humor
lavanguardia.com mundo, espaa, barcelona
laughlines.blogs.nytimes.com video, humor
hulu.com video, trailer
elmundo.es madrid, espaa
infobae.com argentina, futbol
sopitas.com barcelona, arte

These websites have the highest correlation of targeted keywords with Taringa.net. Websites are sorted by the number of matching keywords. The website at the top of this list is likely to be the most competitive because it has the largest number of similar keyword associations.

Websites With Close Relationships

Website Relationships
zincomienzo.net AdSense Id
taringa.com AdSense IdAnalytics Id

These websites appear to have a close relationship with Taringa.net and may even be owned by the same person or business. Websites are sorted by the number of matching relationships, which are identified on the right.

Taringa.net SEO Information

PageRank 6
Alexa Rank 353
Alexa Inbound Links
Home Page Title Taringa! - Inteligencia Colectiva
Meta Description Taringa! es una comunidad virtual donde los usuarios comparten todo tipo de información a través de un sistema colaborativo de interacción.
Home Page H2 Recientes

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Taringa.net Whois Information

Date Registered April 28, 2005
Owner Name Taringa!
Owner Location Capital Federal, Capital Federal 1425, Argentina

This information comes from the domain registration and shows date registered, owner name and location. Some domain registrations are private and protected from the public.

Taringa.net Hosting Information

IP Address (Argentina)
Server Platform n12

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