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Fetnet.net Traffic Estimate

Fetnet.net has received an estimated 902,000 unique visitors over the last 30 days.

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Keywords Targeted by Fetnet.net

  • iphone
    3746 competing websites
  • android
    1660 competing websites
  • nokia
    1136 competing websites
  • smart
    954 competing websites
  • msn
    414 competing websites
  • adsl
    384 competing websites
  • symbian
    362 competing websites
  • app
    306 competing websites
  • 3g
    280 competing websites

This list represents the keywords that Fetnet.net is targeting. These keywords come from the meta keywords list provided by Fetnet.net as well as the content on the website itself. The keywords are sorted by the number of websites targeting that keyword (shown next to each keyword). This number only represents the sites that are tracked by TrafficEstimate, which is a good indication of the overall competition for any given keyword in the search engines.

Websites Competing for Similar Keywords

Website Shared Keywords
ifanr.com iphone, nokia, android
truecaller.com iphone, symbian, android
tinhte.vn iphone, symbian, android
mediafire.com iphone, android
gsmarena.com iphone, nokia
gamer.com.tw android, app
banma.com iphone, android
umeng.com iphone, android
discuss.com.hk iphone, android
libsyn.com android, app

These websites have the highest correlation of targeted keywords with Fetnet.net. Websites are sorted by the number of matching keywords. The website at the top of this list is likely to be the most competitive because it has the largest number of similar keyword associations.

Fetnet.net SEO Information

PageRank 6
Alexa Rank 21933
Alexa Inbound Links
Home Page Title 4.5G超級三頻,速度、涵蓋率全面第一!-遠傳電信FETnet
Meta Description 遠傳電信首頁FETnet提供完整資費介紹、手機資訊、網路門市與Omusic、影城、e書城與S市集等豐富的多媒體服務。

This list identifies important SEO (search engine optimization) elements for Fetnet.net, including on-page content (H1s, H2s,, etc), Page Rank, inbound links and meta data.

Fetnet.net Whois Information

Date Registered September 09, 1999

This information comes from the domain registration and shows date registered, owner name and location. Some domain registrations are private and protected from the public.

Fetnet.net Hosting Information

Server Platform Apache/2.4.20 (Unix)

The hosting information includes IP address and the web server technology that is being used. Click on the IP address to find out more about it including the location of the web server and the hosting company.